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New Homes For Sale In Celina TX: Questions To Ask About Your Builder

New homes for sale Celina TXAre you looking at new homes for sale in Celina TX?  If you are, then you might think that a home that’s newly-constructed is problem-free and is the easiest way to buy a home.  Older homes often come with problems that having more than one owner can bring like worn out carpeting and fixtures, old roofs and appliances that are well past their prime.  The reality is that new homes are rarely perfect because builders are rarely perfect.  But there are builders who are really good at what they do and the way to find them is to ask the right questions:

Is the builder reputable?  It’s important that the builder who builds the new homes for sale in Celina TX that you’re interested in be one that’s been around for a while.  You can ask the builder about his history and track record, including information about subdivisions or individual homes they’ve constructed.  You can also check the National Association of Home Builders website to find out more about your builder.

Is your builder flexible?  If you’re buying a home that hasn’t been built yet, your builder should make it to your specifications – within reason, of course.  You should put down your wants and needs on paper beforehand, from the color of the walls to the type of tiles in the bathroom and the type of cabinets in the kitchen; but you should also be able to make changes down the line. A good builder will listen to what you want and do his best to make your dreams a reality.

Does your builder warranty his work?  Whether you’re buying a new, completed home or you’re having a builder build a custom home for you, the work he does should be warrantied.  He should be willing to make any construction-related repairs you ask him to make even after you take possession of the home.  Ask him to put his warranty in writing, in detail.  If you’ve already done your research and you’ve chosen a reputable builder, this shouldn’t present a problem.

Does your builder spell out everything that’s included in the home in writing?  If you’re having a home built for you, make sure that everything that’s included in the home is put in writing.  Often, you’ll tour a model home, assuming that everything in the model will be in the home you build; unfortunately, that isn’t always the case.

Will your builder keep in touch with you through the construction process?  Make sure you let your builder know that you want a realistic timeline for completion of your home.  And also make sure that you let him know that you expect to be kept apprised of changes in the timeline or any hiccups in construction.

When you decide to look for new homes for sale in Celina TX, having a great realtor in your corner is the first step in making the process as smooth and trouble-free as possible.   Call Blair Taylor at 972-393-9664 or visit www.blairtaylor.net to begin your home search or to find out more about buying a new home.

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