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House for Sale Celina TX: Red Flags to Watch Out For

House for sale Celina TXWhen you are looking at a house for sale in Celina TX, you want to make sure you are not buying a house that has hidden dangers or problems. After all, problems you were not aware of ahead of time can cost you a lot of money and time and might hurt your home’s resale value. Your realtor will be a big help in making sure you get the house you want, not just one that looks like the house you want on the outside. However, there are a few red flags you can be aware of that should make walk away from a prospective home:

  1.  Location

…location, location. If the land around the house for sale in Celina TX you are looking at does not fit the kind of neighborhood you want to be in, you should not consider buying it. Look at the other houses, if there are any close by, and look for warning signs. Check the curb appeal of the other houses, and see how many are for sale, for rent, or otherwise unoccupied. If there are any businesses nearby, check to see how much traffic they will draw through the neighborhood. Decide whether you would be able to put up with what you see on a daily basis.

  1.  Additions

Alterations-by-homeowner can work on some houses, if the people doing the alterations really know what they are doing and make an effort to ensure quality. In some cases, however, the add-ons should make you raise an eyebrow. If you notice that, for example, the garage has been altered into another bedroom, ask for the name of the contractor. If the homeowner tells you that they did it and they are not contractors, you should be dubious about the stability of the additions.

  1.  Expensive, “small” issues

There are a number of supposedly small issues in a house for sale in Celina TX that are deal breakers. For example, some mold in a house might not seem like a big issue, but considering how quickly mold spreads, and how expensive it is to remove, you might want to walk away from a moldy house even if you aren’t expected to shoulder the cost. Water and wiring problems are in this category as well, considering they are also equally expensive yet deceptively small to the casual eye.

When you want a house, you want what you see to be what you get. When you look at a house for sale in Celina TX, you should bring a realtor who knows the area and will look out for your interests.   Call Blair Taylor today at 972-393-9664.

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