Short Notice Showing Checklist

A short notice showing is simply part of selling your house, annoying as it may be for the seller that is still living there. You don’t want to put off any potential buyer by being unavailable for a showing at the drop of a hat, and sometimes you only get a phone call’s notice saying “We’re on our way!” A quick spruce can make a big difference, even if you don’t have much time. Consider this: an agent is bringing a potential buyer to your home in 20 minutes. Follow these quick tips to get your home ready for showing when you have 20 minutes or less.

Start at the beginning:

  • Make sure that the front door presents well and give any glass in the front door a quick Windex if needed
  • Sweep the front porch and steps, if needed
  • Pick up any toys, tools, or other out-of-place objects and store them away quickly, but keep them out of sight

On the inside:

  • Open window treatments and turn on the lights
  • Put any dirty dishes in the dishwasher
  • Make the beds
  • Put any dirty laundry inside the washing machine, or any laundry baskets in the closet

If you still have time:

  • Quickly run the vacuum and/or sweeper to give carpets and floors a fresh look
  • Wipe down counters and tabletops
  • Do any last minute decluttering
  • Warm some vanilla on the stove or have cookie dough ready to put in the oven to give the house a welcoming scent

It would be wonderful to have your home in showcase condition 24 hours a day, but we do understand that you live there. Whatever you do, don’t decline a showing appointment. It is important to present your house in the best light and make it available to as many qualified buyers as possible.

Blair Taylor | Property for sale Celina TX

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