Buyers Do’s & Don’ts


    1. Get Pre-Approved

Meet with your mortgage professional so that you will have your pre-approval letter in hand before you start your home search, so that once you find the home you want you are ready to go.

    1. Get a Home Inspection

Once you have a contract on a home, it’s important to have the home inspected by a reputable home inspector to ensure that you have experience on your side. Many issues can sound more serious than they actually are, and can be easily taken care of. A home inspector will look for any underlying problems in the home so nothing unexpected pops up right after you purchase your home.

    1. Plan Ahead

Have a firm budget not only in mind, but better yet written down. Your mortgage professional can help you assess your financial goals and what you can realistically afford.



    1. When it Comes to Décor…

If someone’s bathroom has wallpaper that isn’t to your liking, or a room that’s an unacceptable color, we understand this can send you into style shock. Stand fast and ignore décor that can easily be changed to match your own personal style, like paint, wall paper and furniture. Instead, try to envision the space empty. You can always change paint colors once the home is yours.

    1. Make an Unrealistic Offer

There’s nothing wrong with making an offer below asking price – but going too far below the asking price may cause your offer to not be considered at all. There are many factors that should affect the price that you offer, such as recent comparable property sales, location, upgrades, etc. Blair Taylor knows the market and he will assist you in making the right decision when it is time to make an offer.

Blair Taylor | Real Estate Agent | New Homes for Sale Prosper TX