Seller Do’s & Don’ts


  • Be Flexible

Often it’s the little things that push a buyer into the “yes” zone. If the buyer goes on and on about how much they love your living room drapes or is interested in the refrigerator, consider offering them as a negotiable item.

  •  Be Ready for Showings

One person’s prize doll collection is another person’s cluttered nightmare. Similarly, a living room filled with Beanie Babies could elicit a reaction of fear, rather than “Aw, how cute!” from a buyer. Put away any personal collections that not only cause clutter, but also make it hard for a buyer to see the home as his or hers, rather than yours. Stage your house for showing by keeping your personal items behind closed doors so potential buyers can get a good feel for the space and envision themselves living in it.

  •  Be Realistic

The market -not your emotions- dictates your home’s selling price. Trust Blair’s expertise to ensure that you are pricing your home at the right price which will bring you the right buyer.


  • Don’t Get Personal

If your home is listed for a certain amount, and you receive an offer lower than expected, don’t take this personally. Letting your emotions get in the way can potentially ruin a deal that could have been a “win win”.

  • Don’t Ignore Feedback

Getting feedback from buyers and their agents can be a great asset to you when selling your home. Each buyer is different but you want to try to make your home appeal to as many potential buyers as possible. So, try to take feedback constructively.

  •  Don’t Decline a Showing

It is understandable that not every time is going to be a convenient time to show your home. If you must decline a showing for a specific reason, offer an alternative time for the agent to show your home. Bottom line, you want buyers to see your home.
Blair Taylor | Light Farms Prosper TX and Celina TX