New Construction Information

Why do I Need a Real Estate Agent?

A knowledgeable Real Estate agent can save you a ton of money and lots of frustration. A good agent will know what is under the floors and behind the walls of any house and will help to buffer negotiations on your behalf to make the process smoother for you.

Good agents are one of a builders most valued assets. They know the items a builder will negotiate and areas where they may be less flexible. Incentives for new home buyers are ever changing and good agents know how to uncover hidden savings.

In today’s market you need a knowledgeable agent more than ever. One that will show up not only when it’s time to sign something, but will help walk you through the construction process every step of the way from site selection to the final closing.

If you’re unsure what kind of product you’re buying, good or bad, or if you are uncertain what is a fair and reasonable price for a home or upgrade, then you need to rely on an expert who has this knowledge and can conduct the research for you.

The Good Ones vs. The Bad Ones

Over the years that I have been working in new construction, I’ve come to classify builders into two groups.

  1. The Good Ones
  2. The Bad Ones

The Good Ones are the builders who will stand behind their work no matter what. They will keep you informed of any problems during the building process, and they will bend over backwards to help you in the event of any problems. Plus, Good Ones remain only a phone call away for warranty work after the sale.

The Bad Ones are just the opposite, they are quick to get the home closed and they cut corners everywhere possible and try to hide their mistakes behind drywall and under concrete. Once the home has transferred ownership into your name, they quickly disappear, often leaving you with the burden of hiring contractors to fix any problems.

Learning to recognize The Good Ones from The Bad Ones is a giant step in the new home buying process. Becoming educated on what to look for along the way is the next big step. What is the best way to find out the reputation of your potential builder? The answer is simple: Ask!

Blair Taylor | Broker/Adsvisor | New Homes for Sale Celina TX