Understanding the Buying Process

Do you really need to hire a real estate professional to help you buy a property? A real estate professional brings the Experience, Contacts, and sources of information, to get the job done right. Without a real estate professional would it go as smooth as it could? Would you be able to negotiate a better price? The buyer’s professional agent does a lot more than finding a property to earn their commission:


You need to determine your buying power. Buyer power is defined by your financial reserves plus your borrowing capacity. This keeps your search goals realistic. Given information about your available savings, income and current debt, a good real estate professional can refer you to the best-qualified lenders to help you.

Selecting the Right Property

  • Target your Searching. There are thousands of properties for sale. A real estate agent can help you focus on the ones that meet your budget and requirements.
  • Knowing where to look. Sometimes the home you are seeking is available but not publicly advertised. Blair has many resources to assist you.
  • Being objective. Only you can make the final decision of the right property. Blair can provide objective information about each home (neighborhood data, utilities, schools, zoning, etc.) so your decision is well informed, considering today and a future resale.


Negotiating concerns much more than just agreeing to a fair price. Some of these other issues might be:

  • Terms and Financing
  • Date of Possession
  • The inclusion/exclusion of repairs or furnishings and distribution of incidental costs.
  • Time for inspections before you are bound to complete the purchase. Blair can advise you to which inspections are required or recommended.


  • Managing the daunting amount of steps. The process of appraisals, inspections, and financing involves a lot of possible challenges. Many required legal forms and processes need to be competed and the process managed correctly.

Renegotiating and Closing/Settling

  • Experience reading and following complicated escrow instructions. Blair is the best person to objectively help you understand these issues and move the transaction to closing/settlement.
  • Organizing inspectors and other professionals involved in the transaction. Blair can help you negotiate repairs needed to complete your contract.

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