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House For Sale Celina TX: What You Should Know About A Home Inspection

House for sale Celina TXFinding your dream house for sale Celina TX is the beginning of a long process that will, hopefully, end in homeownership. There are many steps along the way that include mortgage pre-approval, negotiating with the seller and closing on the home; but one of the most important steps – the home inspection – is critical to the purchase of the home and is something buyers often forget.  How important is the home inspection?   An inspector looks at your potential home from top to bottom and provides a detailed report of every deficiency along with a list of recommended fixes.  Any of these deficiencies can lead to you walking away from the home.

What does a home inspector inspect?   A standard inspection covers the condition of the heating and air conditioning systems, interior plumbing, electrical systems, the roof, the attic (including the visible insulation), walls, ceilings, floors, windows, doors, the foundation or other supporting structures and the basement.

Is it possible for a house to fail an inspection?   No.  A home inspector’s report doesn’t say whether or not a house can be sold.  It is merely a detailed list of deficiencies in the home’s structure and systems which the buyer can use to determine whether or not a house is worth pursuing.  It can also be an avenue for negotiating down the price of the house for sale Celina TX.

Can a home buyer inspect a home?   Probably not.  Even if the home buyer is a licensed home inspector, it will be difficult for him or her to maintain their objectivity when it comes to a home they really love.  If the home buyer isn’t a licensed home inspector, then they will not have the training or the knowledge necessary to know which parts of the house are functioning correctly and safely.  Also, some mortgage lenders mandate professional home inspections before they finance a purchase.

When is a home inspector typically called in?   A home inspector is normally called in right after the contract to purchase a home is signed.  A good realtor will make sure that the contract includes a clause that says that the final purchasing obligation is contingent on the findings of the inspector.

Should the home buyer be there for the inspection?   It’s not necessary but it is recommended because the inspector can explain his findings to the buyer, who can ask questions that will help in the decision to purchase the home.

What happens if major deficiencies are found?   Almost every home is going to have deficiencies.  Fixing the minor ones can be negotiated into a lowered price for the home.  Major deficiencies may have to be fixed by the seller before the new buyer completes the purchase of the home because these can make the house unsafe for occupation.  If the seller refuses to negotiate on the price or fix the deficiencies, the buyer can walk away from the home.

Before you take any steps toward owning a house for sale Celina TX, make sure you find a great realtor who can help you to navigate the process.  The realtor you should call is Blair Taylor at 972-393-9664.  And visit www.blairtaylor.net to learn more about home buying and to see available properties.

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