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Realtor Celina TXThe Texas housing market is booming, and it’s vital to contact an experienced realtor in Celina, TX. Celina, a town in Collin and Denton counties, is growing rapidly. Restaurants and stores  have opened in this once retail-free town, and land prices are increasing.  Like nearby cities of Plano and Frisco,  Celina is experiencing new real estate development and more interest from prospective home buyers.

Celina’s official website bears the motto “Small City, Big Vision.” Part of that big vision is ongoing construction of middle-class and upscale houses. Featured homes for sale from the top RE/MAX realtor in Celina TX include a four bedroom, 2,858 square-foot house on 37 acres of land. The property even has four ponds stocked with bluegill, catfish and bass.

A qualified realtor in Celina TX does more than show property to clients. Helping the home buyer through the selection and closing process. A realtor will help you determine how much money you can afford to pay. A luxury house may be out of your financial reach, but a real estate agent can suggest a less expensive alternative.  If you’ve got your sights on a particular home that may be a bit over your budget, a real estate agent can help you find different financing methods, accrue down payments or introduce you to a mortgage counselor.  You may use some of these methods to be “pre-approved” as a buyer and improve your negotiating position.

A real estate agent provides information on utility costs, property taxes, zoning, nearby schools, transportation and other factors important to your buying decision. If you want an attorney to look over closing documents before buying, the real estate agent can recommend one for you. Securing home or pest inspection and surveyors are other services a real estate agent provides.

To find the best real estate option for your needs, ensure that you have the best salesperson possible. Research properties and amenities on your own and discuss your list of “must-haves” and “wants” with a real estate agency in Celina, TX. Learn all you can about fixed vs. adjustable rate mortgages and compare lenders well in advance  if you choose to take out a loan to pay for your home.

Blair Taylor is an experienced realtor in Celina TX. His expertise is sales and real estate make him a perfect choice to guide you through the house–buying process. He manages the RE/MAX offices in Plano and Frisco while continuing to assist buyers with real estate purchases.   Call Blair today at  972-393-9664  for advice on available real estate in Celina, Texas and outlying areas.

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