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Tips When Buying a New House for Sale in Light Farms, Celina, TX

New House For Sale In Light Farms Celina TXWhen you are in the market for a new home, you cannot do much better than finding a new house for sale in Light Farms, Celina, TX. It is a beautiful, master-planned suburb community that is just a short drive from Dallas and school districts, and there is even an elementary school on-site within walking distance. Yet, Light Farms is remote enough to foster the peaceful feeling of country living. Though you will certainly love your new home in Light Farms, there are always a few things to be aware of when you opt for new construction over an existing house.

Beware of Too Many Costly Upgrades

The Huffington Post says that the ability to customize is one of the top reasons people choose to have a new home built. However, the Post also warns against going on an upgrade spree. The builder may have shown you a basic model home and will allow you to choose custom features to make your house more your own. Of course, each upgrade you make will cost money. Whether you can pay cash or have been pre-approved for a loan to buy a new house for sale in Light Farms in Celina, TX, keeping your budget in mind is a wise move. Look at all the upgrades the builder can offer and divide the list into ones you really want, ones that do not interest you, and ones that can wait until later.

Do a “Punch List” Before Closing on Your New House for Sale in Light Farms, Celina, TX

It is also important to remember that, though it is a new house, that does not necessarily mean that the home will be perfect. HGTV reminds new construction home buyers to do two “punch list” walk-through’s with the builder. Reputable builders, such as the ones building homes in Light Farms, routinely do punch lists as part of their process. These are lists of issues that need to be fixed such as popped screws and other problems they typically take care of before closing. Just as in any business, however, things can get busy and hectic, and occasionally one or two issues can get overlooked. Know about the problems that need to be resolved so that, on the second walk-through, you will be able to ensure that they have been fixed prior to closing.

If you want to find a new house for sale in Light Farms, Celina, TX, Blair Taylor can help. An experienced real estate agent who specializes in new construction, Blair works with some of the best builders in the area. Blair Taylor makes it his job to understand your needs and help you find the home of your dreams in your price range. Contact Blair Taylor at (972) 457-3008 to learn more about new homes available in the Light Farms community.

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