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New Homes Celina TX: 5 Things To Know To Get The House You Want

New Homes Celina TXWhen you’re looking at new homes in Celina TX, you can be sure that you’re not alone.  The North Texas area, especially the Celina area, are prime targets for people looking to leave the hustle and bustle of the big city behind at the end of a busy work week.  When you’re competing with other buyers, you have to keep some things in mind that will give you an advantage:

  1.  Get Your Finances In Order.  This is probably the most important thing you have to do before you go shopping for new homes in Celina TX.  Starting at about six months before your house hunt begins, stop making big purchases.  Big purchases are generally anything that requires a monthly payment.  Don’t open new credit cards or amass too much new debt as this will endanger your chances of getting a loan.

  1.  Get Pre-Approved For A Home Loan.  Pre-qualification for a home loan is fairly easy; but pre-approval for a loan is harder because it means that a mortgage company or bank has had a look at your finances and has given you a specific amount of money they’ll be willing to loan you for a home.  Not only does this give you the advantage over another home buyer who hasn’t been pre-approved; but it will also make it easier to narrow down your home search when you have a specific dollar amount in mind.

  1.  Make A Fair Offer.  When you’ve found the home you want, don’t insult the seller by bidding too low.  Remember that in addition to their monetary investment in the home, sellers have an emotional investment that factors into whether or not they accept your offer.  It’s fine to check the comps in the neighborhood and make an offer that is in line with what other houses have sold for.  If the seller is in love with his asking price and doesn’t want to negotiate – and you feel his price is too high, walk away and find another home.

  1.  Choose A Convenient Settlement Date.  If possible, choose a closing date that’s convenient for the seller.  Money may not be the only variable when it comes to winning a home.  If you show the seller that you’re willing to wait until he’s ready to move, you could get the home of your dreams even if you’re not the highest bidder.

  1.  Make Your Bid Personal.  If you know you’re competing with other buyers, send a note to the seller telling him why you want his home.  Note anything you really liked – or loved – about the home and the seller’s design or renovation choices.  As with choosing a convenient closing date, appealing to a seller’s emotions could swing the deal for you even if your bid isn’t the highest.

Whether you’re looking for brand new homes in Celina TX or homes that are older but new to you, call the realtor who can give you the help and advice you need to get the home of your dreams, Blair Taylor.  Call (972) 393-9664 or visit www.blairtaylor.net to get your home search started.

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