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Debunking Myths: Moving to the Light Farms Development Celina TX

Light Farms Development Celina TXBuying a house in the Light Farms development Celina TX is more than just buying a house, it’s stepping into a home and community for your family. This is not just another urban sprawl housing development; this master planned community fosters just that: a sense of community amongst our residents. We know that the Light Farms development Celina TX is a wonderful place to live and raise your family, so let us put your hesitations to rest.

Celina, TX seems far away…I don’t even know where that is.   Celina is nestled just north of Prosper (north of Frisco), giving it quick access to the dining and shopping in both McKinney and Frisco. If you work in South Dallas then yes, Celina is far away. However, we are just a quick 20 to 30 minute shot up the tollway, even from Dallas. The Dallas North Tollway is also continuing to expand and as it does, the main road into the community will be an exit.

HOA Fees? I don’t want to pay HOA fees.   Most communities these days have HOA fees, so much so that they are becoming a fact of life. In fact, you’re lucky to find a house in a community that doesn’t have them. Keep in mind HOA fees have their advantages, like protecting the value of your home and affording the community wonderful amenities and activities that you won’t find in other neighborhoods.

What is all this talk about community?   Today, people have really lost the tendency to know their neighbors. Be it busy work schedules, extracurricular activities, or simply that we stay indoors on respective devices more. The Light Farms development Celina TX breaks this “busy life” barrier with outdoor amenities, like a community pool and 19 miles of walking/running trails. We also hold seasonal events, like a fall festival, concerts on the lawn, movies by the lake and even farm to table events. This provides endless opportunities for our residents to get to know each other and spend time together.

At the Light Farms development Celina TX, you aren’t just buying a pretty house. You are acquiring a blossoming community and a vibrant quality of life. It’s a place where the neighbors know each other and hang out together, a place where you can tell your kids “Go play outside!” because there isn’t a busy highway out your doorstep and there are actually activities for them to do outside. For more information on joining the Light Farms Community, contact Blair Taylor at 972-393-9664.

Light Farms Development Celina TX
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